Ethos Committee

At our school we have a key group of children who work with staff to ensure that the pupil’s voices are embraced. Our Ethos Committee meet regularly with Mrs Bolton and often with Susanna Metz and Reverend Martin Warren from the local church community. As a group the Ethos Committee strive to put forward ideas, help plan fundraising events, plan and deliver Collective Worship sessions with the whole school, write prayers and support the planning of special services throughout the year such as Harvest, Christmas and Easter. Another key role of the group is to regularly evaluate our school’s
Christian distinctiveness, the children have conducted learning walks, evlauated reflection areas and reflection journals and fed back their ideas and ways forward. The group have also conducted questionnaires with the whole school to find out our pupil’s views on the delivery of Collective Worship. The Ethos Committee took great pride in helping Mrs Bolton create a new school song which encompasses our school vision and values. We all love singing our song and have performed it at different celebrations throughout the year.


Our Ethos Committee explain why they wanted to be part of this group;

“I wanted to be part of Ethos Committee because I am good at explaining things to other people as well as listening to what they think.” Lola

“I wanted to be in the Ethos committee because I want to help others. I have lots of ideas and I would like to share them.” Abbie

“I want to help our school grow and keep it an amazing school as well as help others outside of school.” Lily

“I wanted to be on the Ethos Committee because I like helping people and being there for them like Jesus does.” Tyler

“I like the opportunity to have responsibilities around school and to help our school get better and better at nurturing, loving and learning” Emily

“I am good at supporting others and working as a team. I think I can help plan ways forward for our Church school.” Edward