Welcome to Little Otters Nursery

The Clinton C of E Primary School

Our EYC360 beliefs and values

Our Early Years Team at Little Otters are committed to providing our youngest children aged 2-5yrs with a safe, engaging, respectful and nurturing learning environment where all can flourish.

We believe that all children are unique and come to our settings with innate curiosity and a natural disposition for learning. As a team we shape learning experiences around each individual child, developing them further as explorers and active learners, relationship builders, creative and critical thinkers and carers of our world.

We recognise and highly value the trust that parents place in us when giving us the opportunity to care for and educate their children, we seek to work closely with our parents throughout each stage of development and develop positive secure relationships with all our families.

Our Nursery setting is inspired by a Curiosity Approach whereby the environment is highly valued for its potential to promote learning through open-ended, investigative and exploratory play, using sustainable resources wherever possible.

Through our Early Years C360 curriculum we offer a play-centred approach to learning which enables our children to develop skills and attitudes that are foundational to a successful future.

We place a great emphasis on developing the character and virtues of our youngest learners as well as focusing placing great importance on developing language and social skills. At our Nursery we work hard helping children to acquire crucial speech and language skills which are central to all learning.

At Little Otters we aim to nurture the child physically, socially and intellectually by providing high-quality experiences, both indoors and outdoors. We highly value our children learning through interactions with nature and learning to care for their environment and world around them. We utilise outdoor spaces on a regular basis to promote a range of learning for our children and love to experience awe and wonder alongside our young learners in the great outdoors.


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Meet Our Little Otters Nursery Team

Laura O'Regan - Nursery Lead

I have worked in Early Years for six years now. I am a resilient, motivated, compassionate, caring person. My aim is to guide and nurture all children to become strong, courageous, confident and caring individuals that will be inspired to make a difference in the world and to be proud of all they achieve. 

Lindsey Kirk - Nursery Practitioner

I have worked in childcare and have had over 20 years of experience working with children. I am a mum to three children, a boy and two girls. I am a very caring, fun loving person who loves to see how a child discovers and grows into the very best version of themselves, having confidence and motivation in life to challenge themselves and make a difference to others.