Tiger class is taught by Miss Dixon and Miss Hicks.

Autumn 2018

Our learning theme:

This term out overriding learning theme is Stewardship. We will explore this by using dragons and castles as a metaphor for our own impact on the environment, before moving on to a Christmas focus towards the end of term.


English With the help of the book ‘Tell Me a Dragon’ we will start by creating our own dragons. Using ‘The Trouble with Dragons’, we will then examine their effect and impact on the world and discuss how they can do a better job of looking after the world.
How you can help: Visit the library as often as you can and share books with your child. Read with your child for 10-15mins every day and record this in their reading record (year 2 and year 3 children are encouraged to write in their own reading records). Help them with learning their personalised spelling lists (changed approximately every 2 weeks). Support your child to log on to IXL (login details to be found inside reading records) and complete the English focussed activities (years 1, 2 and 3 only).
Maths This term, we will be starting our maths learning by focussing on Place Value. We will then move on to Addition and Subtraction. Our next unit will be Multiplication and Division.
How you can help: Support your child by practising their times tables with them (year 1 in 2s, 5s and 10s, year 2 in 3s and in 10s from any number and year 3s in 4s and 8s). Support your child to log on to IXL (login details to be found inside reading records) and complete maths focussed activities.
Curriculum: We will be learning about Harvest and comparing it to the Jewish festival of Sukkot. We will also be learning about materials in Science. In Design Technology we will create our own dragon puppets in the style of Barnaby Dixon. Finally, we will be learning about castles and visiting a real castle at Tintagel in Cornwall.
How you can help: What different castles can you find out about around the country?

What materials would be the most suitable to use when building a castle?

Can you design a dragon on the computer?

How is Harvest celebrated around the world?

Other additional notes and key dates

It is essential that your child has the following items in school every day:

P.E. kit

Book bag and reading record

A waterproof coat

A named drinks bottle (water please, no juice/squash etc.)


Parents evening dates: Tuesday 30th & Wednesday 31st October

Harvest Festival date: Friday 28th September at 2.30pm

Christmas production date: Thursday 13th September at 6pm

School trip to Tintagel: Wednesday 26th September


IXL homework for Years 1-3 will be set on Fridays and checked the following Thursday.